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Director of Medical Student and Resident /Fellow Research, UNLV School Posted Mar 16
UNLV School of Medicine , Las Vegas, NV
UNLV School of Medicine is seeking candidates for this part-time position as the Director of Medical Student and Resident/Fellow Research.

The Director of Medical Student and Resident/Fellow Research is responsible for the coordination, oversight and leadership of the program for medical student and resident/fellow research in the UNLV School of Medicine curriculum. The Director of Medical Student and Resident/Fellow Research ensures that requirements within the medical school curriculum, as well as those of the residency and fellowship programs, are met. Topics in the medical school curriculum include instruction in the scientific method (including hands-on exercises in which medical students collect or use data to test and/or verify hypotheses or address questions about biomedical and population health phenomena), and in the basic scientific and ethical principles of clinical and translational research (including the ways in which such research is conducted, evaluated, explained to patients, and applied to patient care). While topics in the residency and fellowship curricula focus on the interpretation of research methods, appraisal of the literature and design/implementation of research projects. It is expected that this position will function across the continuum of undergraduate and graduate medical education.

The Director reports to the Assistant Dean for Biomedical Integration and the Senior Associate Dean for GME, CME, and Faculty Development.

Oversee the identification, selection, allocation, and evaluation of faculty who will serve as research mentors for medical student and resident/fellow projects in sciences basic to medicine, clinical and translational research, and population and community health.

Play an active role in selecting appropriate teaching strategies and pedagogic approaches for individual events that involve the delivery of content related to research involving human subjects.

Advise and mentor medical students and residents/fellows in the development of research questions and design of projects.

Assist medical students, residents/fellows, and faculty in obtaining Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) certification(s), and in filing successful applications to the appropriate Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Provide statistical support in the analysis of data collected in the course of implementing projects for medical students and residents/fellows.

Advise and assist medical students in the preparation of their Capstone projects, and residents/fellows in the submission of abstracts for regional/national scientific meetings.

Create a database to track medical student and resident/fellow completion of research project milestones, and ameliorate issues that impede satisfactory progress along those milestones.

Review data from medical student assessment, medical student feedback, and faculty feedback to refine, modify, or replace suboptimal learning events with more effective ones.

Provide guidance to learners across the continuum prepare for oral and/or poster presentations of their scholarly work.

Work with residents/fellows to write manuscripts for publication in peer review journals.

Teach the epidemiology and biostatistics components of the Analytics in Medicine (AIM) course.

Work with program directors to address aspects of population health as required by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME).

About the Company

About the School of Medicine

The UNLV School of Medicine is creating a world-class center for medical education, patient care, and research that prepares Nevada's physicians with the most innovative and technologically advanced forms of medical training while serving the health care needs of a diverse population through community partnerships. Our main objective is to attract, educate, and retain doctors committed to practicing in Las Vegas, Nevada. UNLV School of Medicine will be the first public allopathic medical school in Las Vegas, Nevada. The medical school was officially established Aug. 22, 2014. In 2015, Gov. Brian Sandoval and the Nevada legislature approved more than $27 million in startup funds to help the school meet its deadline of welcoming its charter class of 60 students in summer of 2017. The medical school is on track to meet this goal. Last year, it raised funds to cover full, four-year scholarships for its entire charter class of 60 students, plus 25 each for the next three entering class.

Employment Type: Permanent

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